stainless steel bottles

Stainless steel water bottles may all look similar, however it's not all about the 'look' of the water bottle, it's important not to overlook the quality of the stainless steel and manufacturing process. Choose a bottle designed specifically by a company you trust. We recommend using only high quality food-grade 18/8 stainless steel water bottles. Choose high grade stainless steel for a BPA-free, toxin-free drink.

Some of our favourites:

Klean Kanteen bottles cheeki kids  Thermos water bottle  kids konserve stainless steel  SIGG stainless steel

Klean Kanteen
the original,
great design

Cheeki offer a healthy, environmentally responsible water bottle for today’s world

world leading
stainless steel
food and drink

Kids Konserve
BPA, lead
& phthalate free

exclusive to Biome,
1L stainless
steel bottle

All these stainless steel water bottles are available online.

Choose to reuse your water bottle rather than disposable plastic water bottles to save you money and save resouces and unnecessary waste.

Cleaning your stainless steel water bottles.