kids toys & education

Remember a time when children's toys were made of wood, came with ryhmes and were played in the school-yard? Simple fun, like skipping ropes, kites, marbles and elastics. Well, they're making a come back, and what better way to care for the environment than to purchase re-used, recycled or make your own using things from around your home.

Children are our future, and it's important we show them the way to a brighter future. What better way to teach them than giving eco gifts, instead of plastic throw-away toys, why not give a book or an old-fashioned, but fun, wooden toy instead of a battery operated monkey. Kids won't tire of these toys, and they will last a lifetime longer than their plastic counterparts.

Toys that use recycled boxes and bits and pieces from around the home, such as Make-do are popular with creative kids, and make building super fun, as they use their imaginations to invent new creatures or vehicles, or even space ships.

Tegu, magnetic wooden building blocks have the unique ability to build stronger minds for children. Here's Tegu's product designer talking about the thought process and 'maths' behind Tegu's magnetic wooden building blocks.

Biome Eco Stores have a wide range of eco-friendly and educational kids toys, from wooden blocks to kites and marbles.