fairtrade chocolate & food

Fairtrade chocolate blends quality, ecology, farmer equity and community.

Velvety, smooth and delicious, Cocolo dark chocolate contains no refined sugar; only evaporated cane juice. Cocolo is made in Switzerland from the finest Organic and Fairtrade ingredients as the cocoa and evaporated cane juice come from Fairtrade Co-operatives. These communities are able to reinvest in their farms, schools and communities by selling their beans through the Fairtrade market. 

Cocolo only use ingredients that are produced in the traditional way, with special attention to purity of the product and sustainability of producion. Cocolo chocolates are gluten and soy free and all the dark flavours are also dairy free. Cocolo milk and dark varieties are available to order online at Todae Lifestyle Store.
fair trade chocolate
Biome's City and Paddington stores also have a wide range of fairtrade and organic chocolate as well as Easter Eggs. They also stock organic and native food.