BPA free & reusable lunchbox

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a hormone-disrupting chemical used in polycarbonate plastic, from which most baby bottles and many firm plastics are made. The controversy over BPA is escalating, as scientific evidence continues to surface which claims that BPA causes neural and behavior problems among children who have been exposed to the chemical before or after birth. All of the products in our store are BPA free. Not only BPA free, they are free of other toxins, lead, PVC and phtalates.

Choose to reuse. One of the simpliest actions you can take to help the planet ... and your budget!

Over at the Accidental Greenie blog, you'll find an excellent article on replacing throw-away takeaway cups with reusable coffee cups.

Goodbyn lunch boxes are a popular choice for kids and adults alike, and they've recently released a whole new range. Check out the new Goodbyn range here.

Some of the many safe and reusable lunch options available:

 keep cup  bento box  stainless steel lunch box  goodbyn lunch box  reusable coffee cup
Keep Cup bento boxes Lunchbots Goodbyn
lunch box
coffee cups
insulated lunch bag weangreen by glasslock       
& insulated
storage containers

Purchasing a quality reusable lunch box, could not only save you money buying lunches, it can also save on rubbish, as there's no need for glad wrap or other plastic wrapping. Check out these reusable and safe lunchboxes and more at Biome Eco Stores.

Once you've found the perfect lunch box, you'll probably want some ideas for what to pack. Accidental Greenie has listed some easy to prepare lunch ideas.