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worm habitat 240l wheelie bin kit with 1000 worms

bokashi binurban composter

A worm farm  can help manage your organic waste providing a cost-effective sustainable waste management solution for domestic, commercial and industrial, and large scale applications. An earthworm habitat helps to improve your soil so you can grow wonderful gardens in a no-fuss, safe and sustainable manner. In no time you'll be making your own safe fertilizers and repairing your garden's soil. For more info see how earthworms create the perfect worm habitat on our blog

Bokashi is a unique recycling system that uses bokashi grains to ferment food waste inside a sealed container. This means there's no rodents, no insects, no spoiling, and NO ODOUR. The end result is a pickled mass of food waste, which, when placed in a garden, breaks down into an extremely rich humus within a matter of days, releasing nutrients, microbes and structure to the soil. Bokashi refills are available online at Todae Lifestyle store. And unlike other forms of recycling, such as composting and worm farming, there is no food waste you cannot put in the bokashi system. Bokashi treats paper, citrus, onions, dairy, even meat! 

There are quite a few other eco friendly kitchen waste options available, such as the Urban composter. Read more about the Urban Composter here.