about us

EcoEssentials was formerly an online store operated by the Biome Eco Store community where we have always been devoted to our customers and our planet.

Recently we decided to change the Eco Essentials website into more of an online eco resource. We hope to educate our readers to help reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient while showcasing some great products that will help you accomplish a more eco friendly lifestyle.

More about the Biome Community

The Biome community consists of a team that are dedicated to their ecological beliefs, Who oppose the exploitation of our planet and it's inhabitants. We believe the products that we sell should be environmentally sustainable, and the business practices undertaken by our suppliers and ourselves should be ethical and socially responsible to the world's inhabitants and workers in diverse countries. 

We believe the current direction taken by big business and industry will not be environmentally sustainable in the long term, and we urge all consumers to become more aware of ecologically friendly products. You can be assured that the products promoted on this website will make a positive difference to our planet!

Tip: Buy fewer, better things that last longer!


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